Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Visualizing the New World Television Studio...It Can Be Part of the New Landscape

Today, I flowed energy into visualizing what the New World Television Studio might look like and include, as part of the "new world television landscape" that I have been talking about. Here are some of the core components...or "pieces" to this:
  • Strategic Planning, Community Outreach, Technical Consulting and Systems Engineering with key clients - It's nice to have a television background, and an Internet consulting background as well as a business development background and teaching background, and be able to help people,  organizations and entire communities move forward with community-authored television....with new tools & strategies ... even in spite of economic challenges with older-think ones. See my recent post about "re-thinking" television.

  • Mobile Laptop Studio Console -This  uses Ustream Producer Pro and Wirecast Pro for more complex productions involving chroma key and possibly even remote IP-based video feeds.  All kinds of people already are taking off with this stuff. See my recent blog about these fantastic new, low cost real-time streaming and recording applications.

  • Low-cost SD/HD Camcorders - Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) formats are both important and I have been evaluating several camcorders that do these. What's great is how much simpler these devices have now become to operate. Special features like presets, image stabilization and being able to use external mics and headsets can make a qualitative difference.

  • Inexpensive Remote Control Tripods and even dollies - The explosion of consumer television has driven the price for this stuff way down. Sony is smart to make low cost tripod with a remote control built right into the handle and dollies that fit these are now less than $50... nice!

  • Green Screen Set-up - This is for chroma keying people on top of a virtual background or set for a nice professional look. Some striking effects are possible with this stuff.

  • 3-Point Lighting - Having decent lighting can not be over-emphasized and up until now its been heavy, cumbersome and expensive. The good news however is that the consumer marketplaces has driven the available of new lower cost and lighter weight lighting solutions. I have been tracking this. Now even community folks and employees can learn how to light sets well... I can teach them.

  • Audio Package - Having decent audio can also not be over-emphasized, if it can be made affordable. My professional filmmaking and videographer friends and colleagues have been teaching me how to shop for professional audio gear.. at bargain basement prices at special websites and on E-Bay. By shopping there we can all the right stuff - Mixer with EQ, wireless mics...the whole enchilada. All I had to do was ask and the professional community has come to the rescue again... Their hearts are in the community too and love to be a part of the kind of social change we and other friends and colleagues of mine are about to facilitate

  • Value Innovation... "The Secret Sauce" - A bunch of hardware and software no more makes great television.. than does paintbox automatically paint a Rembrandt...but that's where I and talented colleagues come in... We've even got some creative strategies for developing business and revitalizing communities... and even help recover the economy with this stuff. Call me and let's connect. This is gonna be good...even if I have to take a "day job" to keep the vision alive for positive social change and community service ...and a more sustainable world.. continuing to move forward - 425-780-6872

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