Thursday, December 2, 2010

New World Communications Upgrades Seattle Pottery Supply's Robust E-Catalog... Adding SPS TV Channel

What's on my mind is this morning is the great project I just completed with my wonderful long-term client Seattle Pottery Supply at 35 Hanford Street in the SODO area. I just upgraded their robust e-catalog on and added a new web television channel that communicates how great the pottery experience is. Seattle Pottery Supply has been been a long contributor to it. See their history. If you visit their newly upgraded e-catalog, the first thing you'll see is master potter Claudio Reginato throwing what most probably is the world's tallest and thinnest cylinder, while his students down in Fort Mason in San Francisco look on admiringly. Then he throws the world largest and thinnest bowl... Amazing! Then look at all the great products and services they provide by browsing their e-catalog.

My relationship with SPS began years ago when my youngest daughter was still in elementary school. I had just volunteered to be an Art Docent through Northshore School District's excellent program and decided to introduce my 5th grade class to the wonderful world of ceramics. So while visiting Seattle Pottery Supply's wonderful warehouse sized facility, I let them know that I could put their entire print catalog online using affordable new e-commerce architecture that I had become proficient in. Then BINGO! I get a call from them about moving forward with the project. What great experience that was...rapidly developing the e-catalog in ninety days...and seeing nice orders... even the first day we brought the system online. 

Since then they've sold just about everything online ...even pottery wheels and kilns. Fast-forwarded to now, what we recently did was to completely upgrade their e-commerce platform and migrate it to an even better hosting provider...and we successfully introduced and implemented SPS-TV was well. I love doing Raku pottery myself, so working with my friends over Seattle Pottery Supply was like dying and going to heaven. What great people they are. If you haven't been there yet, you are in for a real treat.What a great place this is and their service is outstanding.  They'll fire your pots and they even do a raku firing out back the first Saturday of every month. See the guy with the red bandana...holding his just fired raku pot... that's me digging the whole experience. 

Let's connect if you'd like to know more about innovate ways...using affordable tools and strategies... that can help successful small businesses like Seattle Pottery Supply continue to grow and prosper. 425-780-6872

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