Monday, December 6, 2010

Treat Your Business to Gifts That Keep On in December...for a Special 15%-30% Limited Time Only Discount by Dec. 31st, 2010

This morning I am buzzing about some early gifts that you can treat your business to this month in December. These are special gifts that can keep on giving throughout the coming year:
  • Strategic Marketing Plan: This is a rare and valuable gift that many small business owners have never treated their businesses to. It's a written document that serves as a road map for strategic marketing initiatives implemented throughout the year that can help you reach more customers, address their needs and result in more sales. The plan includes all  the physical world as well as virtual world "venues" that you will use to grow your business - e.g. Starting or joining a group, upgrading you website, producing a promotional video, programming your own web television channel,  planning and doing your own webinar series.

  • New Website: If informed by a good strategic marketing plan your website can be more on target with the audiences you intend to reach and in our now 21st century world. It can be way more than just a "home job" website with just pictures and text and can cost less to host too. We work with Google Sites architecture ourselves and are not paying one cent for hosting. See our own Google-powered website. We also added some powerful new capabilities like our New World Virtual Meeting Room, and our New World Learning Institute & Conference Center so that our customers can meet, learn, and convene with us..."inside" our website... using special green-metered web conferencing from for zero carbon footprint...ultra green communications. (See their "demo")

  • Promo Video: A good strategic marketing plan can also inform what you say about your business in a powerful promotional video that communicates your business's unique value proposition when people visit your website. Hosted on the Internet, your video can also be virally "shared" by others on Facebook and on Twitter. The good news is that the cost of all this has gone way down due to low cost technology and newer, more innovative approaches that we are pioneering. You can even have and program your own television channel on your website if you want..

  • Webinar Series: Again a good strategic marketing plan can also inform what your existing and prospective customers need to learn more planning and doing a series of well-done webinars. All webinars are not the same. Newer and better technology can communicate your "virtual presence" with a live webcam and  even roll in your promotional video. Newer technology with a special green meter... even communicate that yours too is a "green" business. Web conferencing is a big reach capability and can be really learning-rich with good strategic planning and implementation. Talk to me about this.
So "deck the halls"....and call me NOW. if you'd like a special season's greetings 15%-30% discount for moving forward in December that you can come out of the chute running in 2011. 425-780-6872. This limited time only offer expires December 31, 2010.

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  1. Art, Thank you a gift to my business is a gift to myself. This gift that keeps giving. Recreating, revamping and re-establishing my cleaning business or my writing journey. Once I get to step 3 I can create gifts that will last a life time.