Sunday, October 3, 2010

About Visualizing The New World Communications Landscape

This morning, after reflecting upon many issues I am being called upon to address, I decided that a good exercise for me would be to visualize what I, via my company New World Communications and my journey is about. After getting quiet for a moment...BINGO! what came forward to the foreground of my consciousness is a marvelous... new world communications landscape ... that I am both exploring, surveying and by working with others, helping to simultaneously develop.

The two major areas of the journey are what I call "Intelligent Communications" and "The Mission-critical Learning a New World Needs" order to create a truly new, fresh, and above-all, better world than most folks still painfully accept as "reality". My years of experience as a developing communications professional, as a consultant, and as human being have taught me that "learning" ...or lack of always the mission-critical piece here... and even more so in a highly competitive, rapidly changing technology-influenced world.

For example, I am absolutely amazed by the fact that most small business people don't have a clue about marketing or communications, yet they all have a pressing need to market, to communicate and to develop their businesses using sophisticated 21st century marketing communications tools and strategies. Working in the dark, they waste time, and precious hard-earned money... going down the wrong road... and inevitably getting stuck there...because of wrong choices and poor judgment.

 How can they even make an informed business decision about which consultant to use if they are not themselves informed. by a good marketing communications understanding... that can light their to a now technology-dominated world? Yes, they are all on Facebook...but without a more intelligent approach... they continue to waste tons of time, theirs well as mine,  while both sets of bills accumulate.

The "intelligent" piece to communications... doing whatever... therefore also has to do with the learning.  What a challenge...and what an opportunity this is. For me, personally a half a glass of water is always half full rather than half this is about mindset,, and by flowing my energy in a positive way, I have discovered that I have unique strategic advantage.. that keeps moving me forward.

So this gets us to what needs to be order to be even able to accomplish one's mission and move forward, positively, hopefully and successfully. Wow, what has been popping for me consciousness-wise is that we all need to do some personal "homework" as people and as managers of our "reality" ourselves, if we are to be anything that we undertake to do.

I see it all the the time in many of the small business owners I communicate with. Even though I make a rational business case for moving forward, saving time, money, and for being more effective... many of us are "blocked" by deep personal issues that stand in the way of us being more effective than we are. Then there are the organizational learning issues that go hand in hand with personal leadership development stuff... that can't even been gotten to if the main decision-makers are "blocked"...Ouch!

So what is the workaround? and how can we all move move forward more cost-effectively, more intelligently, and more humanly in this now 21st century world to make it better? What I am learning is that the solution to this is both social and global in nature... and the new learning has just as much to do with learning how to be... as it does with learning what to do... because when you learn how to be...a decent human being... the Universe itself responds with just what you need...when you need it.... that's The New World Communications Landscape that I am navigating, surveying...and developing. How exciting and wonderful this new landscape is. Call me and let's communicate what you too are discovering - 425-780-6872.

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