Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reflections About Media These Last Few Days: What Sense Can Be Made of All This?

This morning, I am reflecting about the media... film and television these last few days... experiencing new possibilities for change in areas that really matter to me personally. Beginning with Oprah, the nation and the world was introduced to the Waiting for Superman film and school reform project with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Then there was the group view of the film, paid for by Stand for Children, a national interest group invested in leveraging the the films progressive charter schools message to mobilize a voting public, and putting all stakeholders on notice, including all teachers, their unions,  and principals, school superintendents...entire school systems. There were 600 people that showed up and filled the house... This is BIG.

The film debut downtown in Seattle was on Friday and there had other coordinated screenings...across the country... as well....then on Sunday nite on 60 minutes the public is treated to a rare glimpse of Bill and Melinda Gates at work... with a commitment of giving 60 billion dollars away... 90% of their wealth away for HIV, malaria, polio eliminations, and education... We see Bill Gates...again... this time as part of the Bill and Melinda Gates...team.. The message points were both philanthropic and human... as well as corporate...reflecting an enlightened understanding of our dependence upon one another...a good business to be in.

What I keep asking myself is "What Sense Can Be Made of All This?"... and why now?

What particularly speaks to me is the way that even commercial media is being leveraged to create a new reality that promises a better and more just world. I keep thinking to myself... how can I make the world better... with media that is now...in our own hands? We can produce films television programs ourselves.. and these programs can now be uploaded... to our own "channels"... There are also various business models that pay for television to study, learn from...and to practically apply..by those of us right here on the ground. Call me and let's connect 425-780-6872.

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