Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's More Competitive Marketplace Ironically Demands More Cooperation Not Less

What's on my mind this morning is an interesting irony. On the one hand, never has the marketplace become more competitive, more sophisticated, and more challenging, yet on the other hand, never has the marketplace demanded more cooperation.

Internet Marketing is a good case in point. On the one hand, every small business entrepreneur is charged with making his or own decisions with respect with what to do with his or her business, but on the other hand, marketing in today's 21st century has become so technologically specialized, so sophisticated, and so social that today's smartest entrepreneur now realizes that building viable social relations with other entrepreneurs with specialized skills, resources, and possibly other contacts with people is also paramount to their individual business success.

So what groups does a small business entrepreneur join and what criteria is used? Race, gender, and culture have tended to traditionally foster minority-based, gender-based, and political party based business organizations in the physical world, but now even traditional lines of separation are now being eroded by the drive to get more authentic needs met in a broader online marketplace where there are more resources to choose from and where there are also more customers who could use what you provide. The Internet and social media are rapidly changing the new social landscape, based upon people searching for what they need and want in a social setting where new relationships are also being built based upon "communities of interest".

Marketing "communities of interest" in a 21st century world are critical due to the sophistication of today's technology, and new ones are forming, while older business associations in the physical world not serving people all that well are struggling to remain relevant. These newer online communities of interest are interestingly enough sharing the vital information they need, and some are even getting more organized to create their own series of workshops, webinars and even web television programs to promote businesses and to share the new knowledge. They also network in the physical world as well, but the basis is the online connection that has already been made.

Imagine how great it would be for you now, if instead of wasting time and money going to boring meetings where nothing happens, you instead actively participated in a series of powerful webinars, or "on-demand" web television series cooperatively put together that delivered the information you need, when you need it. This would be information of vital importance, driven by a series of initial web conference/conference call sessions that would allow us to gain focus and be right on target with what we need. 

That's what I and some other folks have been working on, because we can't afford to wait for it to come from  somewhere else any longer from organizations that have proven themselves to be ineffective. Here's a great question for you - In a webinar series and in a television series called "Developing Business in a 21st Century World", what subjects would you like to have addressed...and why? Call me and let's connect about all this 425-780-6872

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