Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sustainable Business Development - What's in this for You

This morning, what's on mind is sustainable business development, and how far reaching this concept is. It crosses all the lines. In every area of the marketplace, the following sectors are all struggling to to sustain themselves:
  • Consumers - Young people, adults, seniors, elders, women, men, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, daughters, nieces and nephews, care-givers, homeless, unemployed, laid off... about to be laid off, job seekers
  • Small business, micro-business, large business, retail, wholesale, business-to-business, business-to-consumer
  • Tribes/Ethnic Groups/Sovereign Nations/Immigrant Groups
  • Government - local, regional, national and international
  • Military/Veterans
  • Political Parties/Candidates/Incumbents
  • Organized Labor
  • Public Safety & Health
  • Juvenile Justice and Adult Justice
  • Education - Pre-natal, early-childhood, K-12, higher ed, continuing ed, learning & development
  • Transportation
  • Architecture
  • Banking & Finance
  • Not for profits, community groups, faith-based organizations
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Television/Entertainment Industry
The CHALLENGE, and the OPPORTUNITY is two-fold. It squarely has to do with COMMUNICATIONS and LEARNING related to defining and achieving what we mean by "Sustainable Business Development" with more voices at the table talking about what it means to sustain ourselves on a deeper and more meaningful level than doing the more obvious stuff - e.g. landfill recycling, biomass, windpower, solar. In a now 21st century century world it's really dumb if we also don't utilize newer and more cost-effective tools and strategies that we have at our disposal now..and at the same time....recycling our  "Walking Through a Virtual Door" to engage in critical conversation...changing ourselves and the world...locally, regionally, nationally and internationally...all at the same time. ...using powerful and cost-effective web conferencing, web television and social media...where authentic conversation happens... instead of expensive stupid attack ads..for political campaigns that insult our intelligence and put out even more negative energy. Without the conventional hesitation... and with the usual excuses, and working together, we could take the following steps:
  • Step One - Have a series of virtualized physical world and online meetings to plan for "Developing Sustainable Business in a 21st Century"
  • Step Two - Leverage the power of the new television to do this...focus on the front-runners and best practices to inform, involve and inspire people.
  • Step Three - Engage the world in a series of critical conversations about "Developing Sustainable Business in a 21st Century World"
  • Step Four - Develop and work with a world class cadre of consultants, subject matter experts and activists to put together a world class remote consulting and e-learning practice and curriculum
  • Step Five - Plan and do our first virtual International Conference and Trade Show on "Developing Sustainable Business in a 21st Century World.. and what's in this for you?"
The cost of doing this... is far less than what it is costing us now...going about our lives... the same old tired "old-think" way, not sustaining ourselves.. just working with physical tools and strategies..wasting a lot of time and energy. Instead we could be approaching this issue with new tools, strategies and value innovation. With a renewed commitment as human beings, we all could make the difference. Call me and let's connect about moving forward with this... and without further hesitation. 1-425-780-6872.

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