Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sir Ken Robinson's Educational Paradigm Shift Animation Provides Excellent Insight

This morning I am enjoying yet another powerful use of the new web television,  a brilliant animated overview of changing paradigms for public education narrated by progressive educator Sir.Ken Robinson in Great Britain.  This creative piece provides much insight on problems of the public education the world over and focuses on how older-think concepts and approaches to public education, driven by 19th century industrial revolution ...and mindset...are not serving us well.

Wow, does he hit the mark when it comes to why public education, done the old way is failing our children in droves, and why public educations systems do not speak to natural indigenous genius of children. Longitudinal studies show that kids are actually dumbed down by old standards of educational "excellence" which discourage their natural creativity and curiosity are even drugged and punished...kicked out, suspended or expelled...or discouraged enough to drop out... if they don't tow the line behaviorally and psychologically. Yes, standards of education need to be raised...but what is needed are new standards of excellence for education and for achieving better learning outcomes.

Much insight is provided here, at least as far is the analysis goes. The need for more divergent thinking and critical conversations among diverse learning stakeholders is what he points to. This really is a call for something beyond mere "educational reform"... a  learning revolution... if you will. Also see Sir Ken Robinson  recent February 2010 presentation on TED about "Bringing on the Learning Revolution". What's really exciting for me personally is the role that the new communications... web television and web conferencing will be instrumental in transforming our world.. and hopefully...just in time too. Call me and let's connect if you are interested in working with me to help bring that learning revolution on. 425-780-6872.

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  1. I saw this on Ted too! That site is tremendous & inspiring.
    Check this one out.