Saturday, October 9, 2010

Five Things To Do Now to Help Move Business Forward

This afternoon...existing and prospective clients are on my mind ... and in my heart.  Wow.. I am already feeling great about how I can help them all. Here are five things that I can help them to move their business forward... even in spite of tough economic times:
  1. Help them Get Their Heads On Right - All the economic analysts say that the cause of our "economic crisis" has to to do with a "lack of confidence"... that creates a chain reaction of negative energy that ripples throughout society.attracting even more negative energy...poverty. If we instead create "abundant confidence"... now...instead of lack of it.. this can create a chain reaction of positive energy that ripples throughout society...and throughout the Universe... that attracts even more positive energy...sending wealth on it's way.  Here's a great read about this called Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting that I recently blogged about. Once you understand how to flow your energy right... you can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too...instead of allowing you and your business to get blown around by negative economic "winds"... that are all around us....messing with your own "confidence"...and your energy fields...attracting "no wealth"...instead of it's opposite...what you need and want.

  2. Help Them Strategically Plan - Imagine what it would be like...trying to build a house without a plan. I could sit down with them.. and have them get more intentional... about everything.... asking them pressing questions like, "Who is your customer? What does your customer actually need? ...and how do you intend to reach your customer..first? And how in a now 21st century world ...chocked full of new world communications tools & strategies...changing each and every day... do you intend to do this? Do you intend to try to take on all this by yourself... or just rely on one consultant? Or might it be better to work with a consultant who also collaborates...with a whole team of consultants who specialize in just what you might search engine optimization (SEO) or producing compelling television programming... or instructionally designing a customer education curriculum .....or putting together a series of "critical conversations" designed to move your business ...phenomenally forward?

  3. Help Them Do a Comprehensive Business Make-over from End-to-End - With a disciplined mental approach, and informed by a strategic plan that is also with it new world communications-wise that takes advantage of the latest tools & strategies, I could help them with "computing in the cloud" using Google virtual applications....I help could help by helping them design their print collateral ...and by designing an attractive website that builds their brand...with all the goodies..including their own web television channel....maybe even with affordable or free web conferencing so that they can meet with people... "inside" their website.

  4. Help Them Feel Good About Moving Forward Now ... to make moving forward... way easier because of the positive energy they''ll be flowing out... and be met with... as we work together to move forward.

  5. Help Them Feel Even Better..Now ...once they call and connect them about moving forward... with some of this.. or possibly...even all of it. 425-780-6872.

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