Friday, October 29, 2010

Waste Advantage Magazine... Where Garbage is Being Turned in Gold

This morning what's on my mind is new Waste Advantage e-magazine and its provocative focus, turning "Garbage into Gold". What a great... instructive...eye-opening resource this magazine is, especially for people interested in being part of a growth industry as part of that illusive "green" economy that people are talking about but still haven't benefited from.

One trend that's growing for sure ... is the amount of garbage ... that is created by society and how much opportunity there is .... managing and recycling "garbage".  This magazine is all about how innovative people, companies and organizations are seizing the "garbage" opportunity...turning "Garbage into Gold" by thinking outside-the-box about it, especially the negative stereotypes that are associated with garbage...especially with garbage collection.

In school and in society you are taught that garbage collection is what you'll have to do if you fail in school..not succeed there.. and this magazine helps change that mindset. There's even a great article in this magazine about how one waste management company is working with community colleges, providing jobs, resources and new careers. Even the ads with all the heavy duty garbage management equipment are impressive.  

Instead of just thinking about "garbage"... as "garbage"...when value innovation and critical thinking are added.. what's there to be seized.. is the "gold" that can be generated by putting waste conversion at the very center of the Clean Fuel market.  

There are other benefits as well as recycling and creating new products from "waste" going into landfills, like carpet, and even toxic chemicals that can be retrieved and put to better use via conversion processes. What a great opportunities this is for a number of stakeholders. Getting involved with garbage can do much to "recycle" people as well.  I encourage to read, browse and learn from this excellent magazine. Waste management most definitively is part of a new green future with clear advantages. I would love to tell stories about waste management success stories using web television and web conferencing and can even see myself doing virtual conferences and trade shows that focus on this stuff. Call me and let's connect and communicate about the opportunity here - 425-780-6872.


  1. Talk about waste.

  2. One trend is certain... there is more than**) to go around and managing it is both a challenge...and a huge OPPORTUNITY...if one has the right mindset...and the intestinal fortitude.