Friday, May 24, 2013

Google I/0 2013 - What's in this for Us?

Google I/0 2013 - What's in this for Us? is my Google+ HangOuts On Air live-streamed recorded take, giving five good reasons for "Going Google" that I have personally benefited from:
  • Reason #1 - Fueling my imagination... I'm an innovator and I love to create value like a painter does with his paint brush, dipping into his palette of powerful Google tools and resources. Google I/0 2013 opened with an excellent YouTube-based example of how Google itself uses is own powerful palette of Google  resources to grow its own business, helping others grow theirs, so this approach "spoke" to me...and to millions of others... Great job Google!
  • Reason #2 - Google Apps for Business Approach is now even better - I have been taking my clients down this road, introducing them to wonderful direction that addresses multiple challenges in an elegant, powerful, and ultra-affordable way
  • Reason #3- Google Sites Cloud-based Virtual Website Architecture - The website that I develop for my clients is hosted by Google itself for as low as only $4.17 a month and what an elegant and easy to adminster virtual website architecture this is for the broad spectrum of clients I serve.
  • Reason #4 - Using YouTube Video to Grow Business ...with even more integration - Wow does YouTube video programming done right address and solve multiple issues all at the same time - sharing info that establishes authority, buildes relationships, builds business, builds your brand, with YouTube sharing architecture that keeps your cross-platform marketing sane. YouTube's integration with Google+ Hangouts On Air (what I recorded my YouTube video with) is absolutely awesome.
  • Reason #5 - Google+, YouTube, Google Apps, and Google Sites Done Right Can Transform People's and Organization's Lives, Across the Planet - This is about "painting" from the whole palette.
How exciting and amazing this journey is.. I invite you to join me!
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