Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 - Can Be Your Best Thankgiving Yet

If you are still thinking about what to put on your plate this coming Thanksgiving for 2013, here are some nice "dishes" to consider:
  • Google Site with Virtual IT Infrastructure - If your website is old and needs updating the good news is that you can gain phenomenal advantage by going down the Google Sites/Google Apps for Business road. Google Apps delivers an elegant virtual IT infrastructure - e.g. virtual file services, virtual mail services and virtual applications...and Google Sites virtual website architecture, with 24/7 enterprise support for as low as $4.17 per month per user. Google Sites back-end adminstration is elegant and easy to manage. Even a non-technical user can add pages... so you don't have the "hidden" cost of WordPress consultants and the back-end nightmare of plug-ins with no support.
  • YouTube Programming - If you are not yet using YouTube programming to grow your business you are missing out.  YouTube next to Google Search the world's second largest search engine, with massive traffic... and it gives you very own web television channel with marvelous content sharing and playlist architecture. The YouTube phenomenon has also driven the cost of high quality High Definition (HD) technology way down, and every new smart phone that people are walking around with has HD recording capability and YouTube playback ability right on it, so your programming can even reach prospective and existing clients on their mobile devices and even their HDTV sets in their living rooms and board rooms as they become "smarter". Google's revolutionary new $35 Chromecast HDMI device for example..."casts" YouTube videos right to Chromecast-enabled HDTVs. The only thing missing is having the right expertise to do YouTube programming right.
  • Getting Social On Google+ - If you are looking for front-running advantage as you build your audiences, Google's new exponentially growing Google+ social platform  is another tasty dish you can be grateful once you start using ir the right way to "get social"... building your "Circles" participating in or even launching "Communities" and even scaling and growing your business every city...across the planet.
  • Face-to-face Webinars & Remote Events - Working with Google+ and new HangOuts, HangOuts On Air, or possibily even Business HangOuts...the right way... can phenomenally grow your business, locally, regionally, and across the planet... and Google technology is free or low cost ...and way more powerful than older corporate web conferencing and live streaming capability.
  • Getting Trained and Empowered - With the right approach... and getting trained and empowered using this low-cost and no-cost technology itself, you can transform your physical world challenges into virtual world and hybrid "OPPORTUNITIES"... for phenomenal front-running advantage for you as well as for your clients.  See my "Workshops and Courses", designed to help you "fast-track" getting started, and see my new 12-month Campaign Course and remote consultancy for Developing Business in a 21st Century World...all the way to culminating the campaign with major world-class virtual conference and tradeshow events.. done at a mere fraction of the cost, and in a mere fraction of time of physical world events...and with zero carbon a radically cost-effective, and radically-eco-friendy way. See my New World Learning Institute & Conference Center to see just some of the possibilities. once you and your people get trained and empowered to move forward in virtual world, and hybrid world ways.

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  1. Art,
    Cute, however I'm gonna eat the 'real' non virtual Turkey today!
    Gobble Gobble