Thursday, October 31, 2013

Strategic Planning - What, Why, and How - Five Good Reasons

I have recently discovered, that with all the changes happening all around us, and within our own personal and business lives, that just about everyone could benefit from engaging in some strategic planning, so I decided to produce some  YouTube content about it to answer the following questions about it:
  1. What it is it?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. ...and How is it Done?
... then I cite Five Good Reasons

The "doing" gets really interesting after I discovered that strategic planning can be done online with groups of folks using Google+ HangOuts ... face-to-face, locally, regionally...and across the planet! It gets even better than that - e.g. while meeting face-to-face with my NGO executive director client I work with in Nairobi, Kenya, from here in Bothell, Washington in the US, not only was I able to engage in global strategic planning, with her and her staff, but I was able to send her down the Google Apps for Business road.

Google Appls allows her to cost-effectively put her IT infrastructure and office applications in the cloud as well use Google Sites to develop and manage a robust membership-based website with public and member-only pages that can help grow more support for their important work caring for orphaned children of AIDS/HIV parents.

The next time we, e-met, face-to-face over HangOuts and over thousands of miles, I was then able to provide  "hands-on" direct instructions on designing and developing their cloud-based Google Site using drawing tools in the HangOuts SketchPad and actually developing the site using the super-powerful, HangOuts Screenshare tool

As an outcome of on-going global strategic planning, done face-to-face, this NGO website will be truly awesome, with instructional and informational YouTube web television programming that I help my client get started with, and all the way to developing virtual learning and conferencing capability similar to the kind of capability I developed for own Google-powered New World Learning & Conference Center.

What about your own situation? Might some strategic planning and remote face-to-face consulting done the right way over Google+ HangOuts help you and your organization get where you need to go as well? Give me call today and let's find out.  425-780-6872.

Kindly and best regards,
Art Johnson

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