Friday, February 15, 2013

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Six Great Reasons

Here are Six Great Reasons for Using YouTube Video to Grow Your Business
  • 1. YouTube is incredibly powerful for getting found and addresses your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) challenges
  • 2. The technology needed to produce hi-quality HD video programming published on YouTube to nothing when compared with the challenge and cost of "older-think" broadcast and cable TV.
  • 3. Mastery is possible and YouTube even helps you learn...and our workshop help you learn even more rapidly.
  • 4. YouTube provides excellent programming guidelines for producing content that works with strategies for captivating your audience.
  • 5. YouTube also provides excellent guidelines for how to optimize your content, your titles, your description the way you tag your content.
  • 6. Your well-planned, quality YouTube programming builds community, builds audiences, builds your brand and builds business as you grow as a "slightly famous" web television personality...managing this elegantly and sanely across several platforms ... all at the same time.
...and the best news is that my upcoming workshop - "Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - The Workshop" designed to have you seize and take advantage of these six great reasons via six modules to help you get there. For more info, see our "Workshops and Courses" area under "Hybrid world Learning & Conferening Resources" on our website - Here also is informational video about the workshop. Also please feel free to call me if you have questions about using video to grow your own business - 206.920.8067

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