Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Powerful New Ways to Move Forward in 2013

Dear Friends

Here are Five Powerful New Ways to Move Forward in 2013 that I am really passionate about:
  1. Engaging the world in a series of "critical conversations" over Google+ about "Developing Business in a 21st Century World" to help people gain focus.
  2. Producing quality YouTube programming that addresses both SEO/SEM as well as cross-platform marketing management challenges
  3. Helping companies and organizations upgrade their IT infrastructure using Google cloud applications as well their websites using Google Apps for business and Google Apps for Nonprofits
  4. Listening, learning and leading on Google+ already understanding that this mega-integrated...super intelligent platform will eventually overtake "older-think" and less powerful social communications platforms
  5. Changing business by changing minds informed and inspired by New Thought Business Development principles...practically and joyously applied.
...all of which will "do a world of good...and attracting even more of it." Enjoy my video. Please weigh in with your thumbs up/down, and share your comments (in the box below). For more information, visit me at and let's meet "face-to-face" in our New World Virtual Meeting Room

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