Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Celebrating the Return of Face-to-Face Communications and Learning in a Promising New Social Way

Here I am celebrating the return of face-to-face communications and learning in a promising new social way with far-reaching implications:
  • Being social is part of our evolutionary heritage since the beginning of human civilization
  • We've historically communicated to be social... with bodily movement, voice and non-verbal face-to-face communications even other species in the animal kingdom use face-to-face communications socially. 
  • An older think "social" Internet was developed by social outcasts objectifying women by rating their physical looks, and with big egos hacking school networks.  These developers also tried to get even by engineering being "liked" in an inauthentic and manipulative way, and it caught on...much to people's dismay
  • The real-time face-to-face commuinications, however, is what has always been been missing and this has spawned more physical world face-to-face social networking acitivity as a reaction to this older-think "social" Internet. 
  • The good news is that newer platforms - e.g. Google+, HangOuts and HangOuts On Air and YouTube bring face-to-face communications back, but in a powerful new online big-rich and potentially learning-rich way that has the potential to shift the planet... in a just-in-time, cost-effective and radically eco-friendly way... something to really celebrate, as well as take front-running advantage of... ahead of the pack and later adopters who prefer to follow rather than lead. 
I therefore invite you and members of your organization or company to meet with me personally face-to-face online to experience the phenomenal benefits first-hand, and to fast-track with our online and physical world face-to-face courses that use Google+ and YouTube for front-running strategic advantage. I also warmly invite you to visit our New World Learning Institute & Conference Center... as you think about your next conference and trade event...done "virtually only" or in a special "hybrid world" way that adds net new revenue by allowing remote attendees to "be there" virtually and face-to-face as well. Also see The Campaign Course that over 12 months helps you and key members of your organization "get there"...all the way from "getting enabled" putting on a full-blown multi-day conference and tradeshow... completely online ..with zero carbon footprint. For more info...call me directly at 425.780.6872. 

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