Friday, December 6, 2013

Here are some Awesome Gifts to Give Your Business NOW to Move You Way Ahead in 2014

Folks - Here are some Awesome Gifts to Give Your Business NOW to Move You Way Ahead in 2014:
  • 1. Strategically Plan for 2014...NOW...instead of waiting until January of next year, to even start thinking about it. There is now a powerful new way to plan strategically... globally...face-to-face with groups of existing and prospective customers... locally, regionally...and across the planet ...for free using Google+ HangOuts...Talk to us..
  • 2. Move Your IT to the Cloud - We are talking about you migrating away from highly vulnerable and high upkeep older think file and mail servers and costly office applications with awful support, to way less vulnernable, and "zero upkeep" "cloud-based" virtual mail and file services and virtual applications that do way more collaboratively and that cost way less. The cloud-based collaboration allows you to work way more closely with your clients drafting proposals together... that are "spot on"..instead of missing the mark... the old way.  Talk to us.
  • 3. Upgrade Your Website... Robustly - While your are moving your IT to the cloud, you may also want to upgrade your old text and graphics website no longer enough in a way more competitive continually changing.. broad-band, "social", YouTube- dominated, Blogging, Mobile,  multi-device Internet world... and where people can now meet with you...face-to-face, "inside" of virtual web-based architecture... the old way while the new way rocks!... there is also an approach way more manageable than "free" WordPress sites with their hidden costs... and challenging support issues... Talk to us. See our own website... as a concrete example of just some of what is now possible - visit us at See our New World Virtual Meeting Room... our amazing Google-powered, New World Learning Institute & Conference Center...and our YouTube content... playlist and channel.
  • 4. Use Google+ to Grow Business ...and pre-enroll to get trained NOW- Yes... there are a million people still "friending" on Facebook, folks still "tweeting" on Twitter, and Linking In on Linked In...but the new news and awesomely powerful front-running opportunity is fast-growing Google+ which if you seize it NOW and get the right help can deliver phenomenal front-running advantage... especially if you pre-enroll NOW  in conveniently online face-to-face real-time classes that use Google+ to help you "fast-track" and get started... Having you blasting out of the chute in 2014...instead of being already too late when business picks right back up in February ..even before St. Valentine's Day... Talk to us.
  • 5. Use YouTube Video to Grow Business - We are not talking here one amateur "home movie" shot by your nephew or niece...or about a 30 second video "spot" ad for cable advertising you can't  afford but about doing a well-designed series of effective YouTube programs that "speak" to the needs of your existing and prospective customers via intentional communications and learning design. Our background is in broadcast to now... produced in a radically new low-cost..and even no-cost way. Talk to us. 
Again, gifting your business these "Gifts" NOW... can move you way ahead in 2014... if you get the jump others only still scratching their heads about what to do in 2014 January of 2014... ahead of the pack. Talk to us... NOW.

Kindly and best regards,
Art - 425.780.6872

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