Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Prosperous New Year We Are Intending for You in 2014

A Prosperous New Year in 2014 is what we are INTENDING for you and your organization.. Notice that we are now longer "wishing".for but are instead INTENDING prosperity for you in 2014 with awesomely powerful and effective approach that works 100% of the time when rightly-aligned with what we continue to learn about Developing Business in a 21st Century World informed by New Thought. "Prosperity Thinking".. "fast-forwarded" to NOW.  Here are some divinely-inspired resources that we are intending to help get you there:

  • Using Google+ to Grow Business - This is our powerful new four 2-hour session online face-to-face real-time course designed to have you "fast-track" using Google+, HangOuts, and HangOuts On Air to rocket your business forward for front-running advantage ahead later adopters sure to migrate over once they learn how prosperous they too can become..
  • Using YouTube to Grow Business - This is our six-module, six-hour, one-day intensive physical world workshop that takes advantage of no-cost and low-cost HD recording technologies you probably already are carrying around in your pocket or purse. Now that YouTube has been tightly integrated with Google+ and goes all the way to mobile and to HDTVs screents via Google's revolutionary new low-cost Chromecast HDMI player "dongle" and other dongles about to hit the marketplace, YouTube is an awesomely powerful resources to use ...and master.

    CLICK HERE for more info on our Workshops and Courses page.

  • The New World Learning Institute & Conference Center and our special Campaign Course - Using the same low-cost and no-cost technology we are now able to deliver phenomenal advantage by doing full-blown multi-day conferences and even tradeshows... either completely online in a "virtual only" or in as special "hybrid world" way...by "virtualizing" physical world conference and trade show events. We also architected a special Campaign Course and remote consultancy that gets you there over 12 months.

    CLICK HERE for more info on the Institute and CLICK HERE for more info on our Campaign Course, and CLICK HERE  for more info on our Physical World Meeting "Virtualization" Services
ENROLL NOW! DEADLINE - JANUARY 10 for pre-enrolling in next round of courses. LIMITED SPACE- CALL TODAY for more info and special discount pricing for your group, organization, company, or government agency - 425.780.6872

Kindly and best regards,
Art Johnson
New World Communications

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