Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NWC Now Offers the New World Television Workshop...right at your workplace

Instead of yet more mind-numbing morning, noon and night "non-news" nonsense about Charlie Sheen, Christine Aguillera, and Lindsey Lohan, on "old think" television... here is some awesomely GOOD NEWS about you moving forward...doing your own "new-think" TELEVISION... via the World Wide Web... and using the Internet as an "Internet-work" itself.. and spreading the good news about your product, service, or program offering....and you and members of your staff producing that kind of quality television... yourself.

It's all now possible as an outcome of radically new and powerful high quality technology and taking The New World Television Workshop... right there at your workplace.. including you and your staff.  Here is what the "take-away" would be:
  • A team of empowered and trained in-house staffers who could plan, produce for, and program your own WEB TELEVISION CHANNEL... that has better business reach and potentially more exposure than cable television....30 second "spot" advertising that most smaller businesses, agencies, and non-profits can not afford to pay for.

  • Your powerful, compelling WEB TELEVISION CONTENT could also be "rolled" into big-reach, learning-rich web conferencing sessions..that serve your customers and strategic business partners... phenomenally well.

  • Using the same surprisingly web conferencing... you now can even mix your recorded WEB TELEVISION with a LIVE-STREAMED WEBCAST...right from your own facility or sales floor... for phenomenally powerful...and exciting "virtualized" physical world events.. like crafts seminars...and savoring your famous southern fried chicken....exciting events happening right at your place of business.... and the news about this could be "spun" on your blog and with one click be shared on Facebook... on your own Facebook Group, and on Twitter...for phenomenal advantage
...and much, much more. Let's connect today and arrange for demonstration and talk about moving forward with a proof-of-concept pilot to have you experience the benefits yourself. 425-780-6872.

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