Thursday, February 24, 2011

Google for Non-Profits - Some Amazing Resources We Can Help You With

What's on my mind this morning are all those non-profits that still have not taken advantage of the powerful resources from Google. We are talking about Google for Non-Profits and its now part that New World Communications Landscape that I have been telling you about. Just look at all these powerful resources from Google that we can practically apply to help grow your non-profit business. There are so many of them we couldn't list them all. Working with these resources, we can help with communications and learning in three major areas:

Reaching More Donors
  • Google Grants - Did you know that Google will give your free advertising?
  • Google Analytics - We are working with a team of experts here that can analyze your traffic.
  • Google Checkout - Wow is their Donate Now button great and so is their Google Checkout Store Gadget Wizard that we have been working with
  • Gadgets - These drive traffic to your website so that you can interact with supporters
  • Trends - This resource tells you where your donors are searching
  • Website Optimizer - This helps you figure out the best landing pages to turn site visitors into donors
  • Webmaster Tools - These tools help you see how Google sees your sight and helps you correct for errors.
Improving Operations
  • Google Apps - This robust resource helps you reduce IT costs and helps staff and volunteers collaborate more effectively.
  • Google Mail - This is fast, searchable email that can even have your domain name... Cost-effectively managed in the cloud
  • Google Docs - This is a virtual file server... with a suite of office applications - Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, and Presentations that are elegantly simple to use.. and Google does all the updating, and file sharing and collaboration is amazing.
  • Google Sites - This allows you to create websites and secure group Wiki, with low cost hosting and and elegant content management system (CMS) architecture that is highly extensible. We prefer to Google Sites architecture over all other website architectures... including WordPress because its more robust, is easier to administer and is more robust.
  • Google Calendar - These are wonderful and have excellent collaborative and meeting invite capabilities that allow you to communicate powerfully with both staff and volunteers.
  • and much, much more - These go on and on.
Raising Awareness
  • Google Earth Outreach - Did you know that you can now visualize your cause and tell your story on Google Earth and Google Maps?
  • YouTube - Did you know that Google and YouTube supports you in broadcasting your cause to the world's largest online line video community, and that I at New World Communications have a public television background and can help you with that?
  • Blogger - Blogger is a robust blogging application owned by Google that we can embed right in your Google Site. In just a few clicks your Blogger post can also be "Shared" on other social media sites, and Google Search loves your "tags" which help you get found. 
  • and much, much more.
New World Communications role in all this - Our mission is to not only provide the most intelligent communications ..just by ourselves... but also to deliver "the mission-critical learning a new world needs"... so we are building a world-class remote consulting and e-learning practice with world-class subject matter experts to do that. So what would you rather have, just another lone "web guy" or "web girl" or a communications professional and educator aggregating a whole team of people to support you way better? CALL US TODAY, and as a professional consulting/project management firm, and working with a whole team of  experts and strategic partners... including Google... we can help you move forward with Google for Non-profit resources for phenomenal advantage.... NOW!. 425-780-6872

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