Sunday, March 27, 2011

New World Communications Offers Hands-on Meeting Virtualization Tele-Course using Affordable Web Conferencing

This morning I am letting other small business owners and not-for-profit directors know about my hands-on Meeting Virtualization Tele-course and how meeting virtualization can move their businesses forward.

Virtualizing Physical Meetings using affordable next generation web conferencing  is a way to gain phenomenal advantage. This three-hour course conducted "inside" of an actual virtualized physical world meeting session shows you how.

Persons taking this course will:
  • Understand the value of physical world meeting virtualization and how to leverage it for your own business
  • Learning more about the advantages of meeting with local, regional, national and international people “inside” of virtual architecture.
  • Get started on planning how you can use online meeting technology to grow your own small business or not-for-profit business

How this will be done as “we walk the walk” ourselves using online meeting technology
Participants will login to a online meeting session, dial into a telephone conference call, and learn how to leverage capabilities to grow their businesses.

Fee: $299 per person

How to enroll: You can enroll online in our Online Tele-consulting, Online Course Registration Area on our website

Scheduling: Course is by appointment. Groups of 5 people or more can receive a 15% discount.

For more information - Contact Art Johnson - 425-780-6872

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