Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Leveraging the Power of the New Television Can Positively Turn Things Around

What's on my mind this morning is a conversation that I've been having with a community-based non-profit regarding leveraging the power of the New Television to positively turn things around for themselves public image-wise. They have recently and unfairly been beaten up by a money-hungry commercial media that unfortunately makes more money from spinning negative scandalous stories than it does from telling positive ones.  

I know and have worked with this non-profit group. Their leadership, and their fine work is of the highest quality and I continue to hold them in highest esteem, but a negative press has unfairly damaged their reputation. So now I am telling them that things no longer have to go down that way, not when it is now possible for them to use The New Television to tell their own more positive stories, and even even get their message out all the way to mobile devices and to prime-time HDTV home television screens. 

What's "new" about The New Television is that now, for the first time in the history of the world, quality television can be authored by community-based organizations themselves. In their own hands and with the right support of television-savvy people, they can communicate the fine work that they actually do, winning more hearts and minds,  moving forward ...instead of backward. The new technology to do television is now radically lower in price, making it much more accessible and easier to work with than "older-think" television station technology with its fancy studios, and its expensive uplink vans.

The New Television is also much easier to access and use than "older think" public access studios with outmoded equipment that no longer makes good economic or political sense.  As a former systems sales engineer who actually provided these systems to municipalities back in the day, this type of gear made sense then, but not now. 

In fact, now we can even do on-line mobile real-time reporting and live webcasting from a mobile phone and mobile 4G Wifi hotspot. Instead of using cable or an HD broadcast station, we can even do HD television ..ourselves...using the entire Internet as an "Internet-work" and getting the word out  using new social media. When I think about the fine work that we could do with The New Television to help people and organizations move forward ... rather than tear them down, I just keep buzzing with joy and hope thinking about all the good that can come from this.

Instead of wasting all that money, and sclepping all that painfully heavy and expensive older-think electronic news gathering (ENG) equipment, and instead of assigning all those staff reporters to dojournalism of the worse kind, what about the idea of this organization spinning its own marvelous stories about hopeful new directions in and for the world ...that they are already involved with? That's what I'm talking about. What positive stories do you have to tell? Call me and let's talk about moving forward with The New Television to make ours a better world. 425-780-6872

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