Thursday, March 24, 2011

New World Communications Does Google-powered Website for Seattle-based Not-for-Profit/NGO

This afternoon I am reflecting and resonating about recent Google-powered website that I designed and developed for a not-for-profit/NGO client with ties here in Seattle's Greater Puget Sound region and in rural Ethiopia where my client comes from. They are just starting up.The direction we took, working with  new Google Apps/Google Sites architecture was straight-forward and elegantly simple to work with and administer.  

We even designed, produced and embedded a 3 minute 47 second web television overview of the organizations mission and vision on YouTube that integrates nicely with the architecture. We also used a Picasa web slideshow to create a nice Photo Gallery page.. with automatic slide changes. Google Sites architecture also supported the creation of helpful List pages that list the kinds of volunteer help and the kinds of in-kind donations that the organization needs in order to achieve its mission... saving village lives.  Their vision is to do this by helping people out with things that many of in the Pacific Northwest take for plenty of clean water, public sanitation and having schools and healthcare resources close by. Next to do will be to enable Online Giving once the organization completes its non-for-profit incorporation 501(c) 3 process. A blog page will also be forthcoming once more volunteers are recruited to help write it. 

This project and relationship has and continues to be a wonderful experience supporting such a great initiative and working with such great clients. Do you also have a need to develop a non-profit website with a modest budget...and get similar great results? If so, call us today and maybe we can also help you to move forward as well. 425-780-6872.

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