Saturday, March 26, 2011

Understanding Google Docs in Plain English is just what people need

This morning what's on my mind is turning on more of my friends and customers to the power of  "Going Google" especially when I see them struggling with older-think ways of working with local office applications, and files and seeing them paying dearly for it. They waste time and money buying and updating local applications and then they cry the blues when their mail server and/or file servers are down. Then they cry the blues even more for the additional IT costs and for the lost productivity.

I was thinking, if only there was a way to talk about Google Docs in "plain English" without any techie talk, this would serve people well... then BINGO ... I discover Google's great video - Google Docs in Plain English...Sweet! The practical example they give is a collaborative newsletter publishing project, but there are a lot more. What does is create a virtual files that allows you to put practically your entire "business in the cloud" for phenomenal advantage. Here are just some of the advantages:
  • No file server you have to pay for and administer - Google provides you with a virtual file server for . free with a personal Gmail account and keeps things up and running and secure. No expensive data cartridges you have to change out and no monthly cost for expensive hosted virtual file services.

  • No office applications that you have to buy and keep updating - Google does all the updating for you and the apps are free.

  • Marvelous collaboration that helps you be more productive and that helps you grow your business. This supports building virtual smart teams of people to take on more challenging projects where it pays to work as member of a team..

  • Marvelous integration with Google Apps and Google Sites website architecture... and countless other applications. My own website uses Google Sites architecture.. which allowed me to design and develop it in record time... with additional robust functionality...and I'm lovin' it! Especially the fact that I am not paying one thin dime for hosting? How much are you paying for hosting?
That's as far as I want to go "techie-talk" wise. You just need to call me and let me connect and explore how Going Google can also help your business move forward...still in plain English... I promise!  425-780-6872.

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