Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fives Way to Beat the Recession... Having Your Cake and Eating Too

This Sunday night I am resonating with all things positive and five ways you can use to beat the recession... having your cake and eating it too:
  • Strategy One - Cultivate An Attitude of Gratitude...especially now in our 21st century world with "net new" technology-based resources and smarter approaches to help you move forward ... that you haven't even tried yet... so stop being a sour puss and sitting on your butt... waiting for the world to change...being blown like like a leaf in the wind.... when it is you.. who with the right help can change the world..beginning with changing yourself... while working with the following awesome technologies and approaches that can actually help facilitate that change:

  • Strategy Two - "Go Google" ...and compute in the clouds... for phenomenal advantage - If you are still messing around with local apps and conventional website architecture, local file services, even conventional hosted files services, you are not as strategically well-positioned or as economically smart or as poised to grow new business as you could be. Yes, you need to invest in a consultant to bring you up to speed quickly with Google Apps, but wow will this open up whole new avenues of opportunity for you: e.g. better e-mail, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations are just the beginning ...see next:

  • Strategy Three - Go with Google Sites architecture... also for phenomenal advantage - for starters, it meshes well with Google Apps we are doing some wonderful things to add even more functionality and power:
    - Have people meet, learn, convene, exhibit and transact business with you... "inside" your
      adding next-generation web conferencing and webcasting.
    - Have people order services and/or products from you online using Google Checkout Store Gadget
    - Have us add and work with you to program an entire web television channel...right on your website
      See next:

  • Strategy  Four - Leverage the Power of the New Television also for phenomenal advantage - What I am talking about here a radical new approach to doing television... that uses lower cost but high quality technology and the entire Internet as an "Internet-work". Don't know how... then hire a consultant to train and empower you to do so. This is what New World Communications specializes in... with a robust background in all things television...including doing front-running work with the New Television. Meet with me .. or TeleConsult with me. It will be well worth the investment.

  • Strategy Five - "Walk The Walk"... for phenomenal advantage.... If you want to feel really great, then let us help you and members of your organization through Walk Through The Virtual Door... in quality assurable steps. See our NWC Overview video on our webpage ..and visualize how fantastic this world will be when you grow more business...more sustainably...and with better bottom revenue... while working "greener" and making this planet an even better place to live.. not only for just yourself...but also for others less fortunate and more vulnerable...locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, that's what I'm talking about.. and joyously so. 
Call me today and let's connect about this taking full advantage of these five great ways to beat the recession... having your cake... and eating it too! -425-780-6872.

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