Friday, March 18, 2011

Here is the Lowest Hanging Fruit...that can make the difference

This morning, what's on my mind is letting folks know about what the "lowest hanging fruit" is that can make a phenomenal difference in their businesses...even during these challenging recessionary times.
  • Outsource the compliance training and get another pressing project off your project plate. We are into rapid e-learning and can develop and upload those modules in record time. We've also cut our teeth working with learning management system (LMS) architectures and can track learning performance.

  • Seize The New Television Opportunity - Nothing is more powerful than the television medium... and done across the is even more so. Notice that I am using the word TELEVISION here to distinguish myself from "video" folks who still don't know the television craft. Coming out of public television helps. What's new is that quality content can even be produced using radically lower cost, more accessible technology.

  • Seize the New Web Conferencing and Webcasting to Phenomenally Grow Your Business - With bigger business reach, and face-to-face communications even at a distance, you can serve existing and prospective clients better while saving time, bridging distance, and radically reducing travel costs as well as carbon footprints.

  • Contract with a Communications and E-Learning Professional On a Long Term Basis - Nothing could be better for your organization...return on investment-wise than to contract with a consultant experienced in the use of technology to orchestrate new ways to develop business more sustainably in our now 21st century world.... Especially one who can help you Walk Through The Virtual Door..using multiple technologies for phenomenal advantage. 
For more information, contact me Art Johnson at New World Communications. Also see our website at and see our NWC Overview for more info.

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