Sunday, March 27, 2011

The New Television - Five Good Reasons to Produce it Yourself

This afternoon, I am thinking about all the small businesses and non-profit organizations... still standing in the wings... watching the New Television opportunity.. passing them by. I think the reason is that still don't  get it... they still don't realize what's in it for them and how, with a little help from us... they could produce quality web television themselves. Just look at the numbers. The world has 5 billion TV viewers watching 5 hours a day...and every day 14.6 billion videos are uploaded to YouTube. There is an additional 1 billion Internet users watching television on the computers and another 3 billion mobile Internet users watching videos on their  mobile devices. 

So here are five good reasons that small businesses and not-for-profits should move forward producing the New Television:
  1. Television is in a class all by itself as the world's more powerful communications medium. It can be used to promote your business or to state your case for your non-profit. There are countless ways that the new television can be used to grow more business.

  2. Fantastic low cost, almost no cost radically new technology - I've seen new digital video camcorders as low as $49...even HD camcorders.

  3.  Free "airing" of your video across the entire Internet...using the Internet as an "Internet-work" - Contrast and compare that with the high cost of airing a 30 sec spot on cable.

  4. People will watch your video if its on the front page of your website.. and that's a known just need to keep it short and sweet and have something worth viewing.

  5. You can tell your own story, instead of having it be spun by someone else and not necessarily in your own best interest. Your public image and your brand is everything. Spinning a series of positive stories about what you do can build your brand.
So there you have it... and we can help you produce quality programming with The New Television... even create and program your own television channel that will stream all the way to mobile and to HDTV screens. Call us today and let's help you move forward with the new television. 425-780-6872.

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