Sunday, January 2, 2011

This How in 2011 ...with a little Angel investment...We Can Use the New Television, the New Web Conferencing, and the New Social Media to Change the World

What's on mind this morning is how...with a little angel investment...we can leverage the new television, the new web conferencing, and the new social media to change the world in a most positive way. What's really on my mind is applying this community-based model to public education first, because it would represent the best return on investment an investor could make. Here are the basic pieces to this:
  • The New Low Cost Accessible Web Television Technology - I'm talking about grass roots video production television programming produced by the people.. using revolutionary one button Flip camcorder technology to produce programming uploaded right to YouTube. This would.not be another slick hollywood film approach like "Waiting for Superman"...but with television in our own hands, we would actually change education ourselves. All the latest Flip camcorders are even in a manageable high definition (HD) format and under $200 and come with basic FlipShare software that allows you to make a "movie", grab snapshots from frames, make video postcards, and upload to YouTube. You can even do fancier editing online for free using or use Adobe Premiere Elements 9 video editing software ($149) if you need even higher production values. All it takes is learning how to produce quality community-authoring programming. See next section.

  • Best Practice Community-authored Programming - What's great is that there are already front-running models for community-based learn from "bubbling up" across the Internet. We are even seeing models coming from the poorest nations first. What's key to the success of these best practices examples is the leadership and the organizational capacity to consistently crank out decent content. See the recent post I did about this. We are also teaching community-authored programming as part of our 3-hour video production workshop that can help get you started.

  • The New Big-reach, Learning-rich Web Conferencing - Using the new web conferencing we can even e-meet and e-learn locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally with people as well as "roll" on the best practices community-authored programming that we produce. It's part of an ultra-green communications and learning platform that we have developed that has a "zero carbon footprint" that can be scaled up to even do multi-day virtual conferences and trade shows on any subject we reforming public education and bringing folks up to speed quickly like Sir Ken Robinson does with his innovative approach in re-thinking public education e.g. Changing Educational Paradigms that I recently blogged about. We could wrap one of special "view-podding" sessions around this.

  • Internet Television ...even on home HDTV screens - The web television "channels" that we can now create...such as a progressive education channel... or even a entire progressive educational network of channels will even show up on HDTV screens ...and it already goes to mobile devices if we upload to YouTube and Facebook social media sites. See "What is Google TV?" on my New World Television Channel page for more info.  Also see my New World Communications Overview 2010 on YouTube while you are at it...for the big view of where I am going with all this stuff. ..."re-thinking" transportation and architecture and changing the world the world with it.

  • "Virtualized" global meetings...using multiple communications venues - Never before in the history of the world are we able to so much with just a modest budget. These can be linked right into Facebook and we can even live webcast events through Facebook groups now. See my recent blog about's low end and high end webcasting service.

  • Strategic Communications Planning, Budgeting and Program Development - The last piece to this , which actually should come first ... is to approach the entire initiative as a program that needs to be planned, funded on a year 'round basis, and staffed with a few talented people to pull the whole thing off. All it takes is just a little angel investment to cover the costs. If you are interested, let's connect and start moving forward with this. Call me at 425-780-6872 or e-mail me at

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