Friday, July 30, 2010

New 3D Immersive Conferencing - "The View from The Top" in Your Own Virtual Executive Office Suite Can Be A Rush

People who know Art Johnson have heard me say, and more than once, that one day, I will be meeting with people from all over the world "inside" of  3-D virtual architecture from the top floor of my own virtual executive office suite. That's also when they usually give my that polite "Northwest nice" look...while quietly thinking inside.. this guy must be nuts! 

So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I learned that I could actually demonstrate what I've been talking about... NOW... even now, while I'm still working in the "mail-room" financially, but proudly building up my little minority owned and operated New World Communications from the ground floor, enjoying every minute of the journey...even now as I hand-deliver my e-mails and do this blog.

So CLICK HERE to see me struttin' my stuff ..."walking the walk" ..NOW in my future top floor executive suite as the commercial virtual real estate, and communications and learning mogul that I intend to be. How sweet this is!

Is 3D immersive Web  Conferencing  Ready for "Prime-Time" Yet?:  Our customers are now encouraging us to answer that question by doing more on-going research on practical applications of this capability multiple markets - e.g. utilities, government, small business, education, engineering firms, large enterprise, world trade, not for profits, etc. we are pulling together  by special invitation only "3-D Thinktank"...where we will be "immersing" ourselves.. as our own "avatars" engaged in a series of critical conversations about 3-D immersion during regularly held ...immersive...sessions. 

For more information -  Call us today at 1.425.780.6872

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