Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Organizations Stand to Gain Phenomenal Advantage by "Walking Through The Virtual Door"

Many organizations still don't realize yet, but they stand to gain phenomenal advantage by learning how to "Walk Through the Virtual Door" over time, and if they can undergo necessary paradigm shift in quality assured "Steps". These "steps" go all the way from virtualizing physical world meetings to putting on full-blown, big-reach, multi-day virtual conferences, and virtual tradeshows... with zero carbon footprint... at radically lower cost.  We are not talking about rocket science here, but just about adding THREE things to an organization's communications and learning TOOLSET that they are not using and haven't mastered yet.

  1. Affordable next-generation web conferencing that can phenomenally extend their business reach and influence, while saving time and money. This phenomenally powerful capability, when used in conjunction with social media - e.g. YouTube, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter - can be instrumental in growing membership and generating "net new" revenue streams for multiple stakeholders.

  2. New low-cost...almost no cost web "television" that in class all by itself as a potentially phenomenally powerful, radical, game-changing, communications and learning medium. Now even the one-button consumer video stuff the right hands ... can be used to produce serious television programming and online training that can make move your business forward.

  3. Value Innovation ... its not just the "technology", or "tools", but how they can be practically and innovatively used that is going to make the difference and deliver the phenomenal benefit and advantage on top of this "green" communications and learning platform and that's where Art Johnson and his ambitious little company New World Communications comes in. 
Call us today if you need more information about how we can help you and your organization "Walk Through The Virtual Door" for phenomenal advantage.  1.425.780.6872 

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