Sunday, July 25, 2010

Robert Heller's Making Decisions, Synchronicity, and Getting Help From a Master Consultant

As a small business owner and as the "essential manager" of my own consulting firm, I am being constantly called upon to make important decisions that have profound impact on the success of my business. My computing in the clouds direction using Google Apps, and my decision to "Go Google" with my website and web television direction had been one set of them..but how did I just DO that?

The challenge I had now was how to "de-construct" what I just gone through, so that I could help other small business owners, other "essential managers"... "make decisions" in a similarly effective way. What I needed was a master consultant to consult with me about how to do this...

So here I am chewing gum and walking out of the King County library focusing intently on all this...resonating this energy out to the Universe... when in the lobby .. my consciousness is mysteriously directed to the Bargain Used Books for Sale bookshelf right near the door . Then, as my eyes browse the shelf... BINGO! Out pops world-renown master consultant Robert Heller's timeless little book from his "Essential Managers" series "Making Decisions" ...right when I needed it.. for $.25! (Amazon has it for as low as $.01 from used booksellers!)

Not only did Hellers little guidebook "de-construct" what I just done to make my own successful decisions, but here was the perfect little handbook and guide that I could carry along with me and use to consult with other "essential managers" helping them make good decisions. This little gem of a book has it all right there...both the left brain logical stuff well as that miraculous inituitve right brain stuff that I had just been through. Amazing...what "synchronicity" this is. So now it's become part of my consulting practice...and right on time too.

So now when it comes to making the right decisions, as essential managers and consultants continually developing expertise ourselves, we can now tell you how we did it... so that you can do it too...using both sides of your brain ...with you too tapping into and resonating with the miraculous "magnetic" powers of the Universe...but being solidly rational, and relying upon timeless wisdom as well. How sweet this is!

Having to make some important decisions about your marketing communications and website direction? Call me today if you too could  use some consulting help making your decisions as the essential manager that you are, and I'll bring master consultant Robert Heller's great little book with me to help guide us along the way. 1.425.780.6872

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