Thursday, July 22, 2010

Art's 3D Avatar Engages in New Immersive Virtual Meeting and Distance Learning Environment

Here is me as my 3D avatar experiencing what its like to engage with other people's 3D avatars new 3D immersive virtual meeting and distance learning environment still in beta. Although the jury is still out with respect to how well this radical new way to virtually meet and learn will be received, the experience ended up way more engaging than being on the audience end of plain vanilla web conferencing from companies like Cisco WebEx or Citrix GoToMeeting... and what fun it is to discover all the engaging "venues" this capability from a company called has.. including even a virtual yacht that you can cruise, schmooze, and do serious strategic planning meetings on. I like the idea of sailing on a whole new "blue ocean" of uncontested marketspace created by this new capability.

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