Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's About the Google Platform as the Canvas and Blue Ocean Strategy ..as the Strategy

I woke up this morning asking myself,  "What is all this 'Going Google' stuff about for me personally?" What comes forward as my fingers show up at the keyboard is that the Google "platform" - this awesome website architecture and all these great virtual applications - is  like having a giant canvas with some very elegant paintbrushes...ready for me to paint something really awesome and valuable.

After painting most of that canvas blue, I am immediately reminded of this awesome book about value innovation, by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne - Blue Ocean Strategy, that is now allowing me to sail on a whole new blue ocean of market space ...where no other competitor is even close. I have been using it to both "sculpt" and to allow myself  to be "sculpted" by my consulting practice, as I continue to move my business forward.

As I continue to read and go over this book, what's been wonderful has been the discovery that what I have doing with my business ...sculpturally...can be hewn into a discipline and practice of VALUE INNOVATION that can move me as well as my clients way of ahead of the pack. Developed and practically applied as a discipline,  it can even increase the distance from competitors ..even making them "irrelevant".

So that's what we've been about,  sailing on a whole new blue ocean and most recently beta testing 3-D immersive web conferencing capability... even on a virtual sailboat!.

So now we are even offering a special 9-week remote consultancy and e-learning course for other entrepreneurs also interested in reading, discussing, and practically applying each chapter of the book to create and sail on their own "blue oceans". See it in our Online Courses & Registration area.

Wow! How wonderful and exciting this journey is! Call us if you are interested in "coming aboard" yourself, applying value innovation to your own business in our 9-week consultancy, or perhaps just to the upgrade your website and applying Blue Ocean Strategy to that. 1.425.780.6872

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