Friday, July 23, 2010

"Going Google" Has Been Awesomely Smart for Us

"Going Goggle" - e.g. using Gmail, implementing virtual files services using Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, Presentations and collaborating with strategic business partners, producing our web television channel using YouTube, implementing our iGoogle power dashboard, and most recently migrating our entire website to Google Sites, and then embedding Google-owned Blogger within it.. has been awesomely smart for us and has now become a core part of our direction, providing us with unique strategic advantage.

Many, many or our clients are going to benefit from this "Going Google", from the smallest micro-business, to small to medium sized businesses, to not-for-profits, to government, and to the largest enterprises.. even nation-states especially when it comes to reducing their IT costs. Starting with some of my own small business colleagues that I work with they are going to flip with joy once they discover how much business power they can have at such a fantastically low cost and without all the headaches of doing things the old way. Talk to us and let us consult with you to provide you with the following services:
  • Strategic Business Planning for a Gone Google World
  • Gmail migration and Google Docs implementation and training
  • No cost CRM-like contact management using Gmail Contacts, Tasks, and Calendar
  • Google Sites website migration and adding powerful functionality from Google Apps Marketplace
  • Web Television Channel creation and low cost television production for powerful programming that can move your business phenomenally forward.
  • i Google power dashboard set-up
  • Leveraging the power of Google Groups.  
  • ...and on and on.. new apps and updates are amazing.
Call us today. Here is our new Google Voice phone number.. Call me today if you'd like to learn more about Going Google and how we can now help you with that. 1.425.780.6872

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