Saturday, July 24, 2010

Google Virtual File Services.. and Free Virtual Applications Have Made Our Lives Way Sweeter

This what our Google-based virtual file services  actually  looks like now...sweet!

It now been over two years now, and ever since we went Google, our Google-based virtual computing direction has been sweet. Way sweeter than a few years ago when we paid dearly by working the old-think way, working with more costly and more risky local virtual file services and local applications.

Before "Going Google" we were paying dearly for local software licenses, wasting time upgrading them, and then ultimately losing our data because of inevitable hard drive failure. And trying to do collaborative work with clients and strategic business partners with all the difference versions of documents as e-mail attachments was a nightmare.

Now that's all way different and costs for local software licenses and wasting time upgrading them is also all gone. Instead, the updates done by Google's more competent technical staff are automatic and e-mail notifications about newer features are  like receiving mini-gifts because each an every month they give us even more communications and business power. Now, even when our hard drive sees its inevitable fate, we can be rest assured that our data is safe and feel really great about that.. and not missing a continuity-wise

Unfortunately many people and organizations still don't realize that their situations could be way better and their lives way "sweeter" by "Going Google".  Now "Going Google" has even become the latest and newest addition to our consulting practice. Call us today if you need to consult with us about some of the phenomenal advantages of "Going Google".. starting with "re-thinking" your IT infrastructure but not even stopping there because Google has an entire suite of new capabilities that can help you move phenomenally forward.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to re-think your IT infrastructure, data security, and business continuithy as well as focus on other ways that  "Going Google" can help you move forward.  - 1.425.780.6872

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