Monday, July 26, 2010

Upgrading Our Website: Five Great Reasons for Going Google

Regarding our decision to "Go Google" for upgrading our small business website and well as for upgrading websites for our small business colleagues and clients, we had five great reasons:
  1. A crisp, elegant, no-nonsense, look-n-feel - This greatly improves our brand and quality of service
  2. Ease of administration - Gone are the days of being held captive by web developers who charge an arm and leg just for page changes. Now you can make changes yourself without knowing HTML, CSS, Java, etc.. We can even show you how you can add modules, gadgets, even applications yourself.
  3. Elegant integration with Google Docs, and ease of adding powerful gadgets and applications. Just browse our website yourself and see what we mean.
  4. Price and Value - Via this intelligent, elegant approach we now have more communications power at much lower cost than what we had paying the old way.
  5. Business Opportunity & Strategic Advantage - "Going Google" in our business consulting and website development direction, and adding value on top of that through value innovation, now provides us with phenomenal strategic advantage that our existing and prospective customers will greatly appreciate.
Call us today, you'd like to learn more about "Going Google" in the development or upgrade of your own small business website. 1.425.780.6872

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