Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here's a Playlist. Documenting our MLK Day Webcasting Experience... That Witnesses Greatness in the Making

This afternoon I am thinking about an amazing experience yesterday as a member of a team of talented people who all came together ..pushing the envelope... to make a grassroots webcast happen supporting a great physical world Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day event put on by amazing Bettina Carey of Women's Empowerment Summit and by equally amazing Dr. Melody Ivory... in freezing cold and with a whole lot of technical, organizational, and economic challenges that we all stepped up to the plate to address.

We deployed multiple technologies at once, the most remarkable of which was using a 4G Android smart phone as a mobile WiFi access point that videographer Giorgio Brown provided us with. This allowed us ..right in the middle of Westlake Park plaza ...to connect to Ustream.tv's free ad-supported webcasting service, stream up to the Internet, and reach a global audience interested in the remarkable front-running work that Bettina Carey and Dr. Melody Ivory are both doing here in Seattle. Ustream.tv webcasting service even has a recording capability as well. We also had a crew of three higher-end camera persons recording the event on-site... and me deciding to shoot a mini-doc of the event with my Flip... right on spot. Doing this was much better than thinking about how cold I was!

Here is  event...in all its still unedited splendor from beginning to end compiled as a playlist and captured with my Flip. See how it all came together complete with soulful street musician and flash mob... with folks celebrating Dr. King in their special, diverse way. 

Wow did we all come together... during those nippy few hours... that ended up greatly warming our hearts and spirits...witnessing how community can come together to do some remarkable things. Call me and let's connect if you today are interested in pushing the envelope like we did. 425-780-6872.

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