Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting All Your Horses Pulling Together: Here's a Limited time by January 15th Special Offer...A Robust Google Website ..and 3-7 minute Promotional Video Offer Designed to Help You Do That

Limited Time Only Special offer of $2500 for a Robust Website...and 3-7 minute promotional video if by January 15, 2010 - This morning what's on my mind is getting the word about  a great way to "get your horses all pulling together" marketing communications-wise via a robust website limited time only special offer using new Google Apps/Google Sites architecture that's designed to do just that - See our own New World Communications website as the concrete example of this -
  • Web Presence - "Going Google" is the best website direction you could ever take. The architecture is elegant and easy to work with. Updating your website is a breeze... and there are literally thousands of ways to extend the platform using both Google's robust suite of applications as well as an entire Google Apps Marketplace. Hosting can even be free if you use a gmail e-mail address.. or for just $50 a year for a Google Apps Premier Edition account you can use domain name e-mail as well as get to upload to your own business Google Video account.

  • Television Channel and Promotional Video - That's right. You can have your very own web television channel that can stream powerful programming all the way to mobile devices and to HDTV sets (using powerful new Google TV). As part of the deal, we'll even produce a 3-7 minute promotional video for you.

  • Blogging Campaign - You can do it like we are doing it right from your website and easily "share" your post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites in just a few clicks.

  • "Virtualized" meetings - Through a shared web conferencing license, you'll even be able to meet with and coach local, regional, national, and even international people "inside" your website...for phenomenal business reach.

  • Critical Conversations  - These will be a series of high-powered web conferenced conversations that we can include you in. Getting ramped up now doing the web conferencing will get you ready for that. Our shared web conferencing capability can also do virtual focus groups for phenomenal revenue-generation potential.

  • Virtual Conferences & Trade Shows - Over time and working together... these can even be accessed from "inside" your website. This most probably will be Facebook Group-related and will leverage your web television and your remote consulting and e-learning capability. We can do all this with zero carbon footprint and no physical world travel expenses, hotel or convention center costs.

  • Twitter Marketing - Again our blogging capability can easily post there as well.

  • Facebook Marketing - We have stepped up to the plate and have launched several groups on Facebook... all designed to help you grow more business.

  • Physical World Marketing - We are also designing and creating  special business networking and events that will help you grow business in the physical well as online.  Doing a website with us will be the doorway to this. 
A $5000 value... yours for only $2500 if you move forward by January 15, 2010 

For lower budget folks - Also talk to us even if your budget is more in the $500 range ... we also have a $750 value special offer for $500 that can at least get you started fleshing our your own Google website that we can you set-up with, and get you started...going down the right road. The deadline for that is January 15, 2011 as well.

What ever you decide to do. Call us today and let's talk about getting you get started ... blasting out of the chute in 2011 with a new website using powerful new Google Apps/Google Sites architecture - 425-780-6872.

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