Saturday, January 22, 2011

Its' Now 2011...A Choice - Continue to Be Blown Around By "The Recession"?... or Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

This morning... what continues to be on my mind is how people and organizations are actually hurting themselves... allowing themselves to be blown around like leaves in the wind supposedly because of "The Recession"...which is actually a low energy mental phenomenon that people are inadvertently resonating... and perpetuating themselves..with low negative energy....when they could instead be flowing  high positive energy and taking responsibility for moving forward ...even in spite of all the bad vibes ... having their cake and eating it too...while attracting more positive high energy..all at the same time.

I really see this when it comes to seizing "net-new" 21st century communications opportunities and how folks tend cling to older-think ways of being doing things and suffering by them, vs seizing newer think ways that could make their situations and their lives phenomenally better.
  • IT Infrastructure: "Going Google" is so much smarter end empowering than having file servers go down, buying and upgrading office applications and losing all your data when your hard drive gets to the end of its product life cycle. When you work with a virtual file server and Google Apps are much more secure and you already have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) infrastructure... a whole suite of Google applications, and a whole Google Apps Marketplace to extend business functionality. ..and Google Sites architecture is also a key part of that. Even the smallest micro-business or non-profit can afford to go Google, saving money...and even making money with a good strategic communications plan that includes other powerful communications venues like a new Google-powered website. See next.

  • Google-powered website:  Google website architecture is marvelous. e.g. It's way easier and less costly to to manage that even WordPress Open Source architecture that is supposedly "free" but has hidden costs because it is not easy for a non-technical person to implement, administer, manage or further develop. This makes you "WordPress consultant dependent". I recently ran into a non-profit that was presented with a $15,000 proposal from one of these consultants for a WordPress website with all the go-gas that functionality-wise actually delivered less functionality and less value than a robust full-blown Google Apps direction ...complete with virtual collaboration...and even a television channel on it...costing less than half as much! Of course the non-profit didn't have the $15,000 so they just sat there.. missing their high activity season... letting opportunity pass them by and using the economic recession as the excuse.  WordPress was an older-think solution... that they clung on to and suffered a low negative energy field...and attracting more of it.

  • The New Television: This is a biggie and a HUGE opportunity. For the first time in the history of the world, folks using low cost pocket video and smart phone technology can create their own television programs...even their own television channels using the Internet and mobile as a vast Internet-work. Television done right is powerful and in a class all by itself. With the right mindset and producing quality television programming, we could have our cake and eat it too...or we could just use our pocket cameras and smartphone video for the occasional birthday party and go back to work..remaining miserable ...continuing to be like leaves blown in the wind....waiting for the recession to be over.. but actually perpetuating it...because of our "lack of confidence"...which is how pundits explain the prime cause of economic recession.

  • Web Conferencing and Webcasting - This could be used to extend peoples business reach across entire states, across the nation  and across the world. One doesn't not have to be rocket science to do the math in terms of time and money savings, and in terms of creating net-new streams of revenue through increased business and increased membership. The technology is affordable and some of it is even "free" (if you can live with ad-supported services.) See my post about webcast we recently did...pushing the envelope using a mobile 4G smartphone-based WiFi hotspot.

  • Re-thinking Transportation, Architecture...and  Walking the Walk for phenomenal advantage:  Once folks make a choice not to take this "recession" lying down... there are some marvelous things that can be now done to make ours a better world - See my NWC Overview on my website  for more info. 
The choice is yours. What do you want?...being blown around like a leaf..or having your cake and eating it too?... and when would you like to have it? Call me and let's connect if you like me you are moving forward to have it..NOW...coming blasting out of the chute for 2011.  425-780-6872

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