Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thoughts right before going into a Community-based Television communications and learning opportunity

This morning I am sipping some espresso in nice cafe across from Burien Library with wonderful thoughts on my mind about upcoming free Community-based Television workshop I will be hour from now. First thing in my mind is how wonderful powerful information shared with genuine love and caring is. People attending will be small businesses and entrepreneurs with big dreams on their mind and much passion in their hearts... so my own consciousness is telling me to do what I can help folks get to what they deeply care about and how the new television can be practically applied to help them get to that.

Although I will be sure to cover the basics of providing a great overview of where the new television  is going, and will do some "hands-on" television programming and video production training during this three-hour workshop... the real center piece to this is what is going on at people's very center...what they are deeply passionate about.  Perhaps putting the technology right into their hands and having them speak out about that, while the camera is rolling will capture some of that.... Yes... that's what I will do. ..keeping my own overview short... investing more time in them.. and asking them to tell a brief three-part, "before-during-and-after-story about what mastering the new television would mean for them...personally.

That's what I will do... What story do you need to tell about what the new television might be able to do for you...once you have mastered it? Call me and let's connect about the service of truth, learning, hope, and personal accomplishment. - 425-780-6872.

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