Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Socializing into Sales: Learning How to Turn On The Social Media Marketing/Facebook Money-Spigot

This morning, via a rather serendipitous route, I am finally breaking through about how front-running Internet marketing savvy small business entrepreneurs are turning socializing on Facebook into sales after learning how to turn on the Facebook money spigot. This is a question that most small businesses still have been scratching their heads about, as they daily hear about the social media marketing Facebook "gold rush"... while in their own small businesses with their "home job" websites they are struggling just to stay afloat. "How can I make money using social media and Facebook?" is their mega-dollar burning question. The answer is to be found by studying how front-runners are already doing it. Here's what I have been learning myself thus far:
  • They understand and know how to leverage the social media marketplace:  The new social marketing is about investing in a whole lot of video-based learning content that develops trust and authority by delivering information of authentic value upfront and over time, and that leverages the "laws of attraction". See how front-running Internet marketing guru and entrepreneur Mike Koenig of TrafficGeyser.com does this as he delivers value and builds trust upfront by helping you succeed as powerful video communicator social media marketer yourself. His 10 x 10 x 4 formula video on his TrafficGeyer.com site is amazing. The information he shares here is at the very epicenter of the new social media marketing based upon authentic giving and selling from the heart.

  • They understand and leverage the power of The New Television - See how Mike Koenig shows how to get together you own HD studio for $200-400 and how he teaches you to create a video product with it in 10 minutes and how he teaches you how to get your point across to any personality type by answering four simple questions. This is some amazing good content ...given lovingly upfront... that helps you be way more effective if you invest in putting together a power video learning series and blast each video out using TrafficGeyer.com.. to up to 100 destinations... automating your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ... and driving traffic straight through your door... and right into your sales funnel. See next.

  • They know how to design and develop an awesome supportive and safe conversion environment and conversion "engine" that uses video and auto-responding e-mail marketing management that is informed by the same enlightened selling from the heart social media marketing approach that captures leads right from their websites and right from Faceback fan pages. Observe how Jo Barnes of TheSocialNetworkingAcademy.com talks about developing a conversion engine and about delivering sequences of value to build trust first. 
About the value of all this - With this kind information now available,  small business owners really do have a choice: 1) they can get the special help that they'll most definitely need to succeed in a now 21st century world dominated by the socially-mediated Internet, or 2) they can elect to to ignore it all and have their lunch completely eaten by competitors way smarter and more enlightened than they are. Call me and let's connect if option 1 makes way more sense to you too. 425-780-6872.

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