Sunday, April 3, 2011

Walking Through the Virtual Door: Taking The Five Steps Can Be Major Game Changer

This morning I am again resonating with the positive energy thinking about how adding a virtual world toolset with new virtual appls, web conferencing, web casting and web television can be a real game changer as people and organizations take the following "Steps" using the technology over time:

  1. "Virtualizing" Physical World Meetings - This phenomenally extends your business reach and uses instant virtual transportation to virtual architecture that you can meet "inside" of to do business. It can also add world-class learning richness allowing you to take on the issues of the world in a powerful new way. The technology to do this costs less than $3 a day....less than that grande espresso drink....and it has zero carbon footprint. You are not paying a penny for gas either... no hotel... no hassles with travel visas and getting through security.

  2. Leveraging the Power of The New Television - We are talking radically new technology here with a radical new mindset and support services that allow people themselves author their programming content instead of having it authored by someone else with not the same point of view or interests at heart.

  3. Engaging the World In A Series of High-Powered Critical Conversations and Virtual Focus Groups - Where you and members of your community "frame the conversation" about serious issues in important to economic recovery and education reform, and where you can communicate best practices that you know work. Imagine the impact of that.

  4. Building a World-class Hybrid World Consulting Practice - Using this awesome technology, we are in the process of aggregating the world's very best, local, regional, national, and international subject experts to address the issues of the world on a contractual basis. Our special green communications and learning platform perfectly supports this.

  5. Engaging the World in a Series of World-class Multi-day Conferences & Trade Shows - This is guaranteed to significantly "raise the bar" over conventional conferences and trade show that cost a fortune to put on and to travel to. The talent and the resources can also be way better. 
Just stop and think about the advantages of all this. If you are not already taking advantage of this new approach and experiencing it then you are missing a whole lot. Call me today and let's connect around how you too can move ahead of the pack Walking the Walk right along with me. 425-780-6872

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