Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day, April 22, 2010 - NWC Can Help Using Our "Green" Communications and Learning Approach

With Earth Day 2011 right around the corner on April 22, and with the world right in our hands, what's on my mind this morning is how my company, New World Communications can uniquely help...using our special "green" communications and learning platform that we have been developing over the years. We have been "re-thinking" transportation, and social architecture as we go, while radically lowering carbon footprint 

Helping the planet and life on it, is what New World Communications is about. There are some marvelous things that we can all do together if we just approach the world with a different mindset that also includes the innovative use of virtual world strategies and tools such as next-generation web conferencing and the new television. See our The NWC Overview on YouTube for more info. We welcome connecting with you. 

Call me at 425-780-6872 and let's connect.

Art Johnson
New World Communications.

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