Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Outcome of our first online "Critical Conversation" - Social Venturing Will Be the Most Effective Way to Attain Sustainability for All Parties Involved

This morning I am resonating about the outcome of our very first online "Critical Conversation About Developing Sustainable Business in a 21st Century World" held in our New World Virtual Conference Room. Although we experienced the usual number of technology glitches - e.g some folks couldn't login, or got their invitations too late,  the outcome of the conversation ...even in spite of these challenges.. was most valuable. Those attending all agreed that:
  • Social venturing most likely is the only approach that when supported by big reach, learning rich 21st century communications and learning, will work. It will allow stakeholders in Society, the Economy, and the Environment to create policies and initiatives, and offerings  that are Bearable, Equitable, and Viable, allowing multiple stakeholders to arrive at the very epicenter of Sustainability.
  • Social Venturing is a collaborative venture between for-profit businesses who seek to add value to their brand and to their longer term profitability and sustainability by working in partnership with individuals, nonproft organizations, government agencies, and NGOs in the social sector to add social value.
  • Social Venturing has become the new model for large businesses meeting resistance for their domination and monopolization of the marketplace and for their massive accumulation of wealth, while the majority of the world's people, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, don’t enjoy the same standard of living or benefits.
  • Social venturing is also critical for addressing the problem of increasing political instability and for developing more favorable relations both abroad in the international theater as well as domestically right here in the U.S. It helps to assure peace, political stability and environmental stewardship, foster more opportunity at far lower cost than the cost of political instability, terrorist attacks, and the massive destruction, human waste, material waste, obscene financial drain, and unfathomable ecological damage of war.
  • Social venturing at its very center, is entrepreneurial in nature in that entities exploit challenges as new opportunities, fueling important innovation, important to future growth and to sustainability.  
  • Social venturing creates much goodwill that is also bankable. The better public image and brand identity of monolithic enterprises and banks authentically "re-investing" in the community...not just for PR purposes can also drives even more demand for products and services that drive increased profitability in response to addressing new demographics and new markets where diverse stakeholders are gaining more market influence and clout.  
  • Social venturing implicitly also has deeply human, and deeply spiritual component that typically is expressed in the wonderful, life-affirming stories of successful social venturing captured by the new social media and via the exchange of arts and culture of multiple stakeholders all of whom benefit.
  • Social venturing drives positive social change  and the mobilization across entire organizations and industries, because of the hope that it creates. It therefore, with the support of 21st century communications and learning,  can also be leveraged as an excellent and positive  resource for facilitating broad-based systemic change and organizational development across entire enterprises.
  • Social Venturing can  include school systems, government, and even the entertainment industry that increasingly is venturing into more and more “edu-tainment” type programming with messages of social value and gift-giving also helping drive more viewership and advertising revenue. The front runner in this new type of social venturing in entertainment has been Oprah Winfrey, followed by a host of others following in her footsteps.  
  • Social Venturing is also made possible because of the evolution and explosion of 21st communications, new social-driven learning, and new social media across broadband Internet that make partnering and the exchange of fruitful, innovative ideas...especially via the New Television possible. By giving newer stakeholders voice as consumers, via the television they are now authoring.the New Television also can gives people and organizations more marketplace clout.
  • Social Venturing is something happening right here in Washington on both sides of the mountains and across the Puget Sound. Those who attended were able to learn more about existing and promising new initiatives.
Therefore, you may not want to miss out on our next online "Critical Conversation About Growing Sustainable Business in a 21st Century World", especially if you are interested in learning more about how you and your own business can sustain itself ...in these challenging but also marvelously opportune times.
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