Thursday, February 3, 2011

Talk to us about Google Apps, a Google website and Leveraging The New Web Television...for Fundraising and Donor Development

This morning I am intent on talking to more non-profit folks about using Google Apps and the new television for fund-raising and donor development... instead of listening to them crying the blues about how hard it has now become to raise money and develop donors competing with others the same old way the same old "blood red" ocean of competitors. They are same ones who still haven't discovered or leveraged the power of Google Apps...upgraded their websites, or gotten hip to the new television... so their "challenge" really an huge opportunity disguise... to take in some new information and "re-frame" how they do things. Here are the benefits of that:
  • Google Apps - This is not just about a better and easier way to build and manage a website... but a whole new virtual applications infrastructure that... in smart, innovative hands ....can provide phenomenal strategic advantage.  For starters, there's Google Apps startup page which is like a power dashboard that is customizable using cool "gadgets"... There's also a domain name e-mail account...powered by the same robust architecture that powers Gmail and that "talks" elegantly with a virtual file server and powerful virtual applications like Google Docs, Drawing, Spreadsheets, Forms, and Presentation.

    The implications are far-reaching - e.g. right out of the chute non-profit managers and small business owners can save big bucks and experience better performance than attempting to do IT the old way with expensive mail servers and file servers that keep going down, and all the software updating and additional expense of managing and administering all that. In sharp contrast, Google provides all the mail and file services virtually...with elegantly simple easy to learn apps that are automatically updated for only about $50 per employee..providing better "up-time" and performance at a mere fraction of the cost.

    It's not only non-profits and small businesses who will benefit but so will large enterprises and government who also elect to to "Go Google"... and many already are. And the really good news is that even the smallest micro business can afford to "Go Google" and even with free website hosting if they just use a Gmail e-mail address. See next.

  •  Then there's Google Sites website architecture that's so powerful and so elegant that one begins to realize that WordPress website directions for non-profits and for small business will soon be history. The handwriting is already on the wall...the  Google cloud computing direction... IS the new future... and its here NOW. See my own Google-powered website for example and see how I have extended  it... You can even meet with us.."inside" it (using next-generation web conferencing, and webcasting.)

    See Google Apps product manager Rajen Sheth  demonstrating Google Apps on YouTube. He starts with corporate e-mail and intranet direction, but then he speaks to how even small businesses, non-profits, and education can take advantage of the architecture.

  • Fund-raising, Donor Development and The New Television - When integrated with a Google cloud computing direction, the new television... in the right hands can significantly impact and improve fund-raising and donor development. Take for instance the new trend in grant writing where strategic partnership building and collaborate across a region or nation.. or even among nation-states is the new challenge. This where virtual applications and the new television can be innovatively applied. Add some of the newer web conferencing and some of the new webcasting that goes to mobile and to social networks like Facebook and Twitter and the fundraising and donor development game... changes phenomenally. We focus on this in our Community-authored Television Workshops.
This is what we here at New World Communications are about. Call us today and let's talk about Google Apps, a Google-powered website upgrade and leveraging the power of the new television for fundraising and donor development. 425-780-6872.

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