Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bravo! New iLinc Release 11...Web Conferencing..Now includes Live Streaming.. and more

Bravo! What I am buzzing about this morning is  iLinc's new Release 11 web conferencing service ... with a new "Media" button that now includes a new feature that allows streaming of live video ...right in the presentation window. Nice!!! You can also easily stream YouTube videos and even upload videos on the fly. Here are just some other great new features:
  • All new interface with understandable icons - This is really great when you are presenting. Access to key resources and instant online polling are right there so you don't have to get lost in your Library looking for content while your audience waits. Sweet.

  • Tabbing of Attendees - This makes this a multi-webcam video conferencing system if attendees all have webcams or attendees can just have their still image avatar up there. If they don't have either then there are now more sillouettes that take up space.  Instead you just see them listed in the sidebar "matrix"...Nice!

  • Floating of Components - This is a nice feature that allows you to move windows around. They system even remembers where you locate them and you can easy get back to default format. They understand  presenters' needs. Nice!

  • Enhancement of the Audio - Folks at iLinc have really given working with both Internet audio as well as conferencing calling some thought with great instant control over participant audio.

  • Real-time captioning - This is great for multi-lingual and hearing impaired audiences. A stenographer can be typing in the language as you go. Sweet!

  • Connectivity with Social Media - This fits in well with a social media-based strategy that we can also help you implement in a now Web 3.0 world.

  • And much, much more! - You'll just have to call us and meet with us..."inside" our iLinc Release 11-powered New World Meeting Room... "inside" our website and have you experience this first hand as we talk about working together to help you move your business forward.
What's next is how you actually practically apply this powerful resources to grow your business more sustainably in our now 21st century world.

That's where New World Communications comes in, to help local, regional, national, and international people and organizations Walk Through The Virtual Door ...developing sustainable business... for phenomenal advantage. For more information see our NWC Overview on our website at - or call us today at 1-425-780-6872, e-mail me at or use our Online Inquiries Form on our Contact Us page and we'll get right back to you.. 

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