Thursday, August 23, 2012

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Episode 14

Here is Episode 14 of Using You Tube Video to Grow Business also on our Think Video and Grow Rich Playlist. This episode focuses on the importance of Thumbnail Optimization, traveling across the landscape of YouTube Creators Playbook:

About Thumbnail Optimization ...
  • YouTube Content Creators need to create great, high-quality content for their videos that accurately represent their content.
  • Why It Works - Thumbnails are like mini-marketing posters for you content and are important to attracting clicks on your videos.
  • How to do it - You have three thumbnails to choose from after unloading, unless you have graduated to becoming a "YouTube Partner". The grapevine has it, however, that all YouTube
We then provide you with additional advice via a special "Office Visit" with wealth creation author, consultant and coach, Napoleon Hill through the magic of YouTube:

The series is especially designed for small business owners, non-profit managers, and entrepreneurial-think business managers in government interested in ...  using YouTube video to grow their business, and thinking video and growing rich, and with our help...succeeding with that. See my channel - New World Television on YouTube at for current programs. Also see our Think Video and Grow Rich Series Playlist for current episodes and "Office Visits"  For more information, contact me, Art Johnson at New World Communications - or call 1.425.780.6872.

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