Sunday, July 22, 2012

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Part 13 - Think Video and Grow Rich

Here is Episode 13 of Using You Tube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow Rich. This episode focuses on Getting Metadata Right, traveling across the landscape of YouTube Creators Playbook and beginning Section II - Publishing & Optimization:

Getting Metadata Right involves:
  • Strategy One - Optimizing Your Program Title - with your compelling search phrase, then your brand
  • Strategy Two - Optimizing Your Program Description - by doing your compelling search phase and what specifically your video is about in the first two sentences in the "top of the fold"
  • Strategy Three - Optimizing Your Program Tags - by using a standardized approach and format that also uses relevant search terms (that you have research using Ad Words Keyword Tool)
I make the point that although we continue to succeed, "It's not all up" however, but it's actually about learning from your mistakes and learning how to "Overcome Adversity and Defeat", so we provide another great "Office Visit" with wealth-creator mentor Napoleon Hill to help you with that. We invite you to join us on our joyful journey... enjoying the ride... like we are...even the bumps!

The series is especially designed for small business owners, non-profit managers, and business managers in government interested in ...  and needing to useYouTube video to grow their business, thinking video and growing rich, and with our help...succeeding with that. Yesss! See my channel - New World Television on YouTube at for current programs. Also see our Think Video and Grow Rich Series Playlist for current episodes and "Office Visits"  For more information, contact me, Art Johnson at New World Communications - or call 1.425.780.6872.

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