Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Get Rid of Mind Virus

Folks - Here is my most recent initiative - Helping small business owners get rid of "Mind Virus", which in an explosively changing 21st century marketplace, is a HUGE.... "Challenge"...and an even BIGGER OPPORTUNITY. Rich Schefren acknowledged the issue of "Mind Virus" in his webinar pitching his offering, and his candid acknowledgment of even high-rolling Internet marketers "Slamming Up Against a Hidden Wall" (Symptom 3) ... was a Divine Gift. Here are the tell-tale symptoms of "Mind Virus"  that let you know if you've been infected:

  • Symptom 1 -  "Paralysis" - Folks are so overwhelmed and numbed by change, they can't start or finish anything. They're "stuck".  91% of the small business owners I run into!
  • Symptom 2 -  "Burning Out On the Hamster Wheel" - This rare 8% has gotten over their paralysis, and has jumped into take on all the cross-platform marketing, but their lives suck, because they haven't worked out their creative and production processes, so they're experience is like being on a hamster wheel, and they eventually burn out.
  • Symptom 3 - "Slamming Up Against a Hidden Wall" -That even top 1%, who've mastered symptoms 1 and 2 acknowledge... something is hidden... that's still missing, even with all that moola they are making... BINGO!. When they acknowledged that... wow did a whole new door open up for me.
Check out my video and see how I flipped the "challenge" of "Mind Virus" into an even BIGGER OPPORTUNITY.. Enjoy!