Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Using YouTube to Grow Business - Part 12 - Think Video and Grow Rich

Here is Episode 12 of Using You Tube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow Rich. This episode covers part of the landscape of YouTube's Creators Playbook and summarizes the list of strategies that we have been focusing on in Section 1 - Programming and Producing:
  • Strategy One - Creating great content that is unique, compelling and entertaining or informative
  • Strategy Two - Optimizing the first "15 seconds" of your video, so they don't just click off.
  • Strategy Three - Including specific Calls-to-Action in your video and/or through annotations
  • Strategy Four - Setting a recurring schedule for your channel to set expectations and optimizing viewing
  • Strategy Five - Identifying channels with similar content and/or relevant audiences and work with them to create meaningful cross-promotion opportunities and collaboration videos.
  • Strategy Six -Using Insight analytics to better understand your audience, improve your content, and help your develop effective programming and production strategies
All we can say is that we've been trying... moving forward in some areas, and further seeking to improve ourselves in others. It's all about feeling good... regardless!.. and we are beginning master that. Nice.
It's all about taking and further developing  "Personal Initiative" and we have another cool "Office Visit" Napoleon Hill to help folks with that. Wow is it great to be able to take advantage of his wisdom and insight.
We can't lose... as long as we keep learning. The series is especially designed for small business owners, for non-profit managers, and for business manager and folks in government. Using YouTube video to grow your business, is a powerful opportunity. For more information, contact me, Art Johnson at New World Communications - www.newworldcom.com 

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